Attacking and Defending A ...

    Attacking and Defending Azure AD Cloud: Beginner's Edition -- May 2022

    May 07 - 28

    Upgrade to one of the most coveted Cloud skills – Azure Active Directory (AD) Security. Train in Azure pentesting, Red Teaming and defense in multiple live Azure tenants and hybrid infrastructure. This bootcamp provides you with access to a specialized lab environment, and is an added cost for INE subscribers.


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    We know that even the most active learners benefit from having direct access to instructors. We designed INE Bootcamps so that you will have the opportunity to learn the latest and greatest techniques, while having the opportunity to ask your own, personal questions.

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    With offerings from both INE and Pentester Academy, take advantage of the opportunity to dig deeper into existing INE topics or to work within custom lab environments to learn complex enterprise techniques.

    Learning Objectives

    This bootcamp prepares you to pass the Certified Azure Red Team Professional (CARTP) certification, provided by Pentester Academy, an INE company. By passing this exam, you will be certified as knowing: - All Initial Access Attack Vectors, including Phishing and Consent Grant Attacks - Authenticated Enumeration techniques - Privilege Escalation - Data Mining - Defenses Monitoring and Auditing - How to Bypass Defenses Your four week lesson plan ends with a CTF and the opportunity to take the CARTP.


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    This four week bootcamp is split into four modules, designed to provide you with everything you need to master active directory exploitation and protection. Checkout the daily schedule to understand what you will learning during our four, four hour sessions.

    Bootcamp overview

    This 4-week beginner-friendly bootcamp is designed for security professionals looking to upskill in Azure Active Directory (AD) Cloud security, Azure Pentesting and Red Teaming the Azure Cloud. It covers all phases of Azure Red Teaming and pentesting – Recon, Initial access, Enumeration, Privilege Escalation, Lateral Movement, Persistence and Data Mining. The bootcamp will focus on methodology and techniques, through instructor demos, exercises and hands-on labs.

    The live sessions, assignments and labs will prepare you for the certification exam – becoming a Certified Az Red Team Professional (CARTP) will strengthen your CV for jobs requiring a strong understanding of the Azure Active Directory (AD) environment.


    Dictated by

    Nikhil Mittal

    InfoSec Researcher

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