Attacking and Defending A ...

    Attacking and Defending Active Directory: Advanced Edition

    Mar 20 - 10

    Build expertise in attacking and defending real-world enterprise Active Directory environments. Identify and analyze threats and practice attacks against a modern multi-forest Active Directory environment.


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    Learning Objectives

    This bootcamp prepares you to pass the Certif Red Team Expert (CRTE) certification, provided by Pentester Academy, an INE company. By passing this exam, you will be certified as knowing: - All Initial Access Attack Vectors, including Phishing and Consent Grant Attacks - Authenticated Enumeration techniques - Privilege Escalation - Data Mining - Defenses Monitoring and Auditing - How to Bypass Defenses - Advanced Cross Domain Attacking Techniques - Abusing SQL Server for cross forest attacks - Bypassing defenses like Advanced Threat Analytics, Protected Users Group, WDAC etc. Your four week lesson plan ends with a CTF and the opportunity to take the CRTE.


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    This four week bootcamp is split into four modules, designed to provide you with everything you need to master active directory exploitation and protection. Checkout the daily schedule to understand what you will learning during our four, four hour sessions.

    Bootcamp overview

    This advanced bootcamp is designed to help security professionals understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern, multi-forest Active Directory environment with fully patched Server 2019 machines.

    In addition to learning the popular tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), you will also see how they change for attacks across forest trusts. You will also learn how to abuse or bypass modern Windows defenses like Advanced Threat Analytics, Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS), Just Enough Administration (JEA), Resource-Based Constrained Delegation (RBCD), Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), Application Whitelisting (AWL), Constrained Language Mode (CLM), virtualization and more.


    Dictated by

    Nikhil Mittal

    InfoSec Researcher

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