CCIE Security Fundamentals Bootcamp

Our entirely hands-on bootcamps are unmatched—offering five full days of in-depth, comprehensive CCIE lab exam training, taught by expert instructors with real-world experience. This Fundamentals Bootcamp is intended to serve as a jump start your journey as you begin studying for your CCIE Security Written Exam.

Make your CCIE goal a reality! Join the thousands of students who passed their CCIE written exam after participating in an INE Bootcamp.

Our CCIE Security Fundamentals Bootcamp is five days of intensive, hands-on, instructor-led training. The instructor will alternate between presenting material and guiding attendees through hands-on, real-world exercises. Attendees will be provided access to a complete rack system encompassing the necessary topology.

The goal of our Fundamentals Bootcamp is to equip students with a foundation-level knowledge of Cisco Security technologies. The primary focus of the class is core concepts and topics found on the CCIE written exam.

Our Fundamentals Bootcamp is for anyone who is beginning their CCIE journey, but already has at least a CCNP-level knowledge of networking. Though a CCNP is not required, we strongly recommend at least 3-5 years of field experience prior to attempting a CCIE.

To prepare for this course, we recommend that you review our CCNP and CCIE self-paced materials, which are available individually or in our All Access Pass. For further preparation, we recommend viewing the CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class.

This Bootcamp is structured to run 10-12 hours per day, with a one-hour lunch break. Each day will be a combination of lectures, instructor-led demonstrations, Q&A sessions, hands-on exercises, and frequent quizzes. Students will also have full access to their lab equipment throughout the evening to continue practicing on their own or as groups.

Each student will be equipped with his or her own virtual rack equipment. Each day, instructor lectures will be followed by applicable technology-focused labs. Upon completion of this class the student will have a solid foundation of knowledge and a keen understanding of what topics to focus on for the remainder of their studies.

Our lectures are dynamic and engaging, with a digital whiteboard system, and a significant amount of class time spent live on Cisco’s IOS command line interface working with a full network topology. Each student will be equipped with his or her own complete rack of equipment.

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INE offers one complimentary reseat for a previously purchased Fundamentals Bootcamp course up to one year from the date of the original Bootcamp attended (provided that the original Bootcamp was purchased at current price). Additional reseats, or reseats, after this one-year timeframe are available for purchase at a 50% discount from the list price. Students may schedule reseats during any upcoming Bootcamp dates excluding those marked “Sold Out.” Reseat terms apply.

  • DAY 1
    • VLANs and IP Addressing
    • Configuring RIPv2 on ASA
    • Configuring OSPF on ASA
    • Configuring EIGRP on ASA
    • Advanced Routing with SLA Monitoring on ASA
    • IP Access-Lists on ASA running version 8.2/8.6
    • Object Groups on ASA running version 8.2/8.6
    • Administrative Access
    • ICMP Traffic
    • URL Filtering on ASA
    • Dynamic NAT and PAT
    • Static NAT and PAT
    • Dynamic Policy NAT/PAT
    • Static NAT with source & destination
    • Identity NAT & NAT Exemption on ASA
    • DNS doctoring using “Static” on ASA
    • Fragmented Traffic on ASA
  • DAY 2
    • BGP across the Firewall on ASA running version 8.2/8.6
    • NTP on ASA running ver 8.2 and 8.6
    • DHCP Server on ASA
    • HTTP Traffic Inspection on ASA running version 8.2/8.6
    • FTP Traffic Inspection on ASA running version 8.2/8.6
    • Un-Stealthing the Firewall on ASA ver 8.2 & 8.6
    • Traffic Policing on ASA running version 8.2 and 8.6
    • Transparent Firewall on ASA running version 8.2/8.6
    • ARP Inspection on ASA running version 8.2 and 8.6
    • Firewall Contexts
    • Firewall Contexts Routing
    • Contexts Classification
    • Active/Standby Failover
    • Active/Active Failover
    • ASA Redundant Interfaces
    • ASA with port-channel
  • DAY 3
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS & ASA
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS and ASA with NAT
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS and IOS (IKEv1)
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS and IOS (IKEv2)
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS and ASA (IKEv2)
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS and IOS using GRE
    • IOS and IOS using SVTI
    • LAN-to-LAN VPN between IOS and IOS using SVTI with IKEv2
    • DMVPN IKEv1 via ASA
    • DMVPN with Dual Hub IKEv1 via ASA
    • DMVPN IKEv2 via ASA
    • IPv6 DMVPN IKEv2 via ASA
  • DAY 4
    • IOS ezVPN Server
    • IOS ezVPN Remote: Client Mode
    • IOS ezVPN Remote: NEM
    • IOS ezVPN Remote: Network Plus
    • IOS ezVPN Server using DVTI
    • ASA ezVPN Server
    • ASA Clientless SSL VPN
    • IOS WebVPN
    • GET VPN
    • Flex VPN
  • DAY 5
    • Configuring IPS in Promiscuous Mode
    • Blocking on ASA
    • Blocking on a Router
    • IPS Sensor Configurations – Inline Interface Mode
    • IPS Sensor Configurations – Inline Vlan Pair
    • Configuring Custom Signatures
    • DOT1X Basics
    • WSA Basic
    • WLC Basic
    • ISE Basic
    • ACS Basic