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    The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification, which has been providing Junior Penetration Testers the best entry point for Red Team cyber security professions, is getting a much needed update! With the new version, students will be tested on brand new content and hands-on learning components, to include labs and activities.

    Version 2 of the eJPT is built to mirror modern tasks and responsibilities of the Junior Penetration Tester. This is achieved through updated lab environments and more realistic application of skills through objectives. Objectives have also been created with the intention of giving our students a more developed skillset. Some added objectives pertain to host and network auditing, host and network penetration testing, and web application penetration testing. These new objectives will be featured in the Pentester Student learning path via updated content which will prepare you for the new eJPT exam!

    eJPTv2 Differentiators
    What makes this version of the eJPT so much better? We’re glad you asked! This version of the certification goes beyond the theory of penetration testing and truly examines your abilities with live, browser-based, hands-on labs. In other words, you’ll be able to demonstrate and perform real-world Junior Penetration Tester tasks rather than recalling and repeating facts. We wanted to create a reflection of what you’ll see when you’re on the job!

    The content of the eJPT is also designed to be methodological, giving you context no matter what tools you’re using. This means you take the test as a process as opposed to fulfilling niche requirements, offering a well-rounded examination of your skills. You can compare how version 2 of the eJPT compares to other certifications in the industry below:

    Table 1. Penetration Tester Certification Table


    eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester Version 2


    eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester


    Practical exam designed to use real world scenarios to prove pentesting knowledge with updated techniques.

    Practical exam designed to use real world scenarios to prove pentesting knowledge.

    Time Limit

    2 Days

    3 Days




    Hands-on Labs

    Yes, Browser-Based

    Yes, Open VPN

    Real World Scenarios







    Knowledge of networking, linux, and windows fundamentals.

    Knowledge of linux, python, and command line scripting




    When you obtain the new eJPT certification, you’re helping to fill a gap in the industry, even if it’s your first look into the world of penetration testing. There is no prior experience needed and we provide all the necessary training for those who are just starting out. Many other certification courses require a specific set of baseline knowledge and skills, but the latest version of the eJPT helps you build and advance that baseline from ground zero!

    The new eJPT lab environment has been updated so it's more relevant, realistic, and up to the expected complexity of a small business network. In addition, the new eJPT has an increased preservation of exam integrity with our increased, automated, anti-cheating mechanisms. eJPTv2 also comes with an autograding feature, so you won't be left waiting for results!

    Learning Objectives
    The new eJPT is a novice level certification which provides hands-on, real-world knowledge regarding how penetration tests are really conducted. Some objectives from the original eJPT have carried over into this updated version, but there are also several new objectives! We’ve identified a selection of the new objectives below: 

    • Assessment Methodologies Domain (25% of exam):

      • Evaluate information and criticality or impact of vulnerabilities

      • Identify open ports and services on a target

    • Host and Network Auditing Domain (25% of exam):

      • Gather hash/password information from target

      • Enumerate network information from files on target

    • Host and Network Pen Testing Domain (35% of exam):

      • Conduct brute-force password attacks

      • Conduct exploitation with metasploit

    • Web Application Pen Testing Domain (15% of exam):

      • Exploit web app with cross-site scripting

      • Locate hidden file and directories

    These objectives focus on career application and skill mastery. This way, learners who take the new eJPT exam can have full confidence in their abilities and more awareness of the Junior Penetration Tester responsibilities. 

    Questions and Answers

    1. What is the eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT)? 
      The Penetration Testing Student learning path is designed to take a brand new individual to cybersecurity all the way through the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to fulfill a role as a Junior Penetration Tester. This learning can be validated by the completion of the eLearnsecurity Junior Penetration Tester exam and certification process. The two work hand-in-hand to show to yourself and your employer that you have what it takes to be part of a winning penetration testing team.

    2. What if I’m more experienced but want to test my knowledge or understand the attack methodologies more fully?
      The updated eJPT certification can help support or develop entry to mid-level cyber security professionals and is structured to enhance real-world understanding of red team methodologies. If you’re looking for increased understanding, the eJPT is for you!

    3. What materials are available to prepare for the certification?
      The updated Penetration Testing Student learning path includes videos, quizzes, and dozens of interactive labs that are regularly updated to provide you with the most relevant training available in the market to give you truly hands-on skills.

    4. What type of questions are included in the exam?
      The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester certification features skill and ability based questions. Rather than questions designed to test how well you have memorized information, these questions assess your ability to actively perform the tasks and processes of a Junior Penetration Tester. This approach validates that you are unequivocally qualified to perform the duties of a Junior Penetration Tester and have the abilities to thrive in that environment.

    5. Once I purchase a voucher, how long do I have to use it?
      You will have 180 days to use your eJPT voucher following purchase. There are no refunds available upon expiration.

    6. What are the main differences between eJPT 1 vs eJPT V2?
      There are a few key differences between V1 and V2 of the eJPT. First, the lab tasks in V2 of the eJPT have been updated to mirror the current tasks and responsibilities of a Junior Penetration Tester. Second, the lab environment on the exam has been updated so it's more relevant, realistic, and up to the expected complexity of a small business network. Third, several new career relevant objectives have been added to eJPTv2, focused on actual skills needed to enter the workforce as a penetration tester. Fourth, the course content associated with the eJPT is updated to cover new content, tools, etc. Finally, to preserve the integrity of the exam, automated anti-cheating mechanisms are increased.

    7. If I am already a holder of the eJPTv1 certification, will I need to get recertified?
      If you already have taken and passed the eJPTv1, you won't need to take eJPTv2 to keep that certification. You will permanently maintain your eJPTv1 credential regardless of the newest eJPT version being released. However, please note the eJPTv1 certification exam will be sunset after the release of eJPTv2. The official date of final sales will be released in the near future. 

    The new eJPT is expected to release in Summer 2022 with Pentester Student updated content being released in the next few weeks. More information will be released on the eJPTv2 soon! Keep an eye out for more content and general information. 

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